Hinano Bar and Grill


OK, everyone knows that Hinano’s is a dump. Not a dive, a dump. Hinano’s smells bad. There are cobwebs all over the ceiling. The window screens haven’t been cleaned since Jim Morrison hung out at the place. People that may have hit you up for cash five minutes before may roll in and sit next to you. NEVER try the bathrooms.

All of these horrible things noted, I love going to Hinano’s for a burger and a beer every so often. The burgers are great. I think it is all the salt that they put in them? The staff is friendly sometimes, depending on their mood. (Some days they are your best friend and some days they act like your ordering from them is keeping them from other more important things they need to do.)

Hinano. It is what it is.

Hinano Venice Beach by www.YoVenice.com

Hinano Venice Beach by www.YoVenice.com

Taking this picture made me chuckle .. the guy on the stool could be the guy on TV.

Hinano Venice Beach by www.YoVenice.com

They don’t take credit cards.
15 Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90292
(310) 822-3902



  1. Here is my experience at Hinano: I walked in. I walked to the back and slipped on the sawdust covered floor. I didn’t see the friend who told me she would be there. I walked out.

    Between the smell, the grime, the sight and sound of some leather lingerie-clad chick singing, and the fact that it was packed – sensory overload. I couldn’t stay. If I had a few drinks before going in – I would probably have had a great time. Everyone else seemed to be.

    I’m all for a dumpy dive bar, but Hinano has yet to grow on me.

  2. My buddy and I eat at the bar every day. I think maybe hitting on the barmaid got her pissed !? She is the best bar staff they have.. A funny happy barmaid is the best. No complaints from us after 4 years of eating there. Maybe you should try another bar where the staff laugh at your lame jokes etc. Don’t think you will be missed, that is for sure.

  3. I agree with the “local boy”. I often eat there at Lunchtime and find the bar staff great, Mel is funny and looks after us like Kings when we hang out in there. A down to earth place with no frills. Never had a bitchy bartender when we have eaten in there the last 3 years. Maybe he needs to go over to Mercedes where the staff are GREAT but the food is shit !!