How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Party


The amazing Venice view from High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin.


Jennifer DeYoung at Hotel Erwin has the expert tips on throwing a great holiday party

After Thanksgiving later this month, the holiday season will be in full swing, and holiday season, of course, means holiday parties. For many, a holiday party is the perfect way to get together with friends, acquaintances, and loved ones and celebrate. However, hosting a killer holiday party can be tricky. Fortunately, Hotel Erwin’s holiday party experts are here to help. We spoke to Jennifer DeYoung at Hotel Erwin for her expert tips on throwing a great holiday party. Whether it’s professional or with friends, here’s what you need to know this year!


1. What are the essentials for any holiday party?

There are a few key elements to ensure your holiday party is a bash! The key is to plan ahead. Your first step is to book a space that is big enough to accommodate your guests, and extra points if that space has an amazing view, à la a High Rooftop Lounge. Also, include a festive holiday menu with custom cocktails that the whole crowd will love. Hire a live DJ and of course add in great company and you should have a holiday party for the record books.

2. When should a holiday party be formal and when should it be a casual get-together?

It really depends on what your group likes. Some people like a more laid back, casual drinks type of get-together, while others prefer a sit-down dinner. Either way, an office holiday party is all about spending time together and having fun!

3. What kinds of food/snacks/drinks are best served at a holiday party?

It’s always fun to have a festive or themed cocktail menu around the holidays, and as far as food goes take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables that can be integrated into the menu. At Hotel Erwin, a few items our guests love are the petite lamb chops, crab cakes and, of course, our roasted Mahi Mahi. We can also work with you to create a custom event menu.

4. What’s one thing that’s worth spending extra money on?

Having an adequate amount of food and drink for the group is always a must. There’s nothing worse than running out of both while entertaining guests.

5. When should gifts/gift-giving games be part of a holiday party?

Holiday parties should be all about having fun and celebrating your hard work for the year. Games like gift exchanges or trading stocking stuffers are always a good time.

There you have it! Now you’re ready to throw a holiday party for the record books.

Party on! Venice Beach.