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Local Hang for the Venice Gang

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by Melanie Camp

Born, raised, and still living in Venice, Tony Fernandez is excited for his new local. Lead Singer of The Doors tribute band Peace Frog, Fernandez rocked the house on Thursday, July 13, celebrating the opening of Surfside, a new bar and restaurant at 23 Windward Avenue in Venice.

“I live right down the street. I literally just walked over here,” Fernandez told Yo! Venice before jumping up on stage. Celebrating their 19th anniversary this year, Peace Frog played a killer gig.

“Craig and Leni did a beautiful job of fixing the place up and keeping it for the locals, a nice place to hang out and local friendly. And we appreciate that because so much is changing in Venice and not all change is good. We appreciate that their positive energy of keeping it for the locals and making us feel welcome,” said Fernandez.

On the Venice Paparazzi Red Carpet Yo! Venice interviews Peace Frog lead singer and Venice local, Tony Fernandez. Photo by VenicePaparazzi.com

Surfside used to be Danny’s. Before that St Mark’s. While the space has had a fresh lick of paint, the main bones of Danny’s remain. Only, the food is better. Surfside only serve sustainable seafood. Surfside’s Leni Koen told Yo! Venice they are striving to make positive environmental choices. Right down to their selection of cleaning products.

Craig Kelly and Leni Koen say the bar and restaurant is striving to make positive environmental choices. Photo by VenicePaparazzi.com

Even Danny Samakow, the previous bar owner, gave his blessing. He told Yo! Venice that Surfside’s owners have been in the neighborhood for some time running the backpackers upstairs. “We are friends, and we wish them the best…we’re thrilled that we could help have a restaurant open to the public that would do live music in the location.”

Surfside President Craig Kelly told Yo! Venice, “we’re very honored that the neighborhood has embraced us in the way that they have already. We plan on being a member of this community for several years to come.”

Surfside is open. Photo by VenicePaparazzi.com

Check out all the pics from Venice Paparazzi here.

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