Six-Pack Tuesday at Elvino Tonight!


Tonight, Elvino will host “six-pack” Tuesday. As it is October, the theme is German beer fest. From 6pm to 8pm, six bucks will get you six brews and pretzels at the bar.

Elvino Venice Beach Abott Kinney Blvd

1142 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, Ca 90291

The Beer line up for 10-12-10:

Schönramer Family Brewery, Pils 5.4% Schönram, Germany

From the Brewery: This full-flavored special pils is deceivingly pale in color but strong in alcohol while being a touch sweet to the palate. The mouth-watering bouquet comes from our exclusive use of Aroma Hops that don’t sting the tongue. Our organically farmed Barke malt is the rarest and most expensive in the world.
Clear, pale gold color with floral notes, a dry, light texture with a bitter hop finish

Schönramer Family Brewery, Festbier 6.2%
Schönram, Germany
Alfred Oberlindober is the ninth generation of his family to run their brewery in the tiny town of Schönram next to the Bavarian mountains. Since 1780 the Schönramer brewery has perfected its beers and that tradition has been aptly placed in the hands of an American (!), Eric Toft, a PhD graduate of the renowned University of Weihenstephan.
This is a pale strong lager with subtle straw notes on nose. Dry with a touch of sweet fruit; a medium texture with a touch of creaminess and a floral finish.

Hopf, Spezial Weisse 6.0%
Miesbach, Germany
From the Brewery: Brewed with great care according to traditional recipes, and using only high-quality ingredients we brew this special wheat beer, unique in its red-gold color.
The Spezial Weisse beer is a full-favored beer made from our exclusive Caramel malts which give the Spezial a strength and fruitiness that goes down so smoothly. The Spezial is a seasonal beer only brewed once a year in the fall. It is meant for festivals, parties and lively get-togethers.

Reutberger, Export Dunkel 5.2%
Bad Tölz, Germany
331 years ago the nuns of the Reutberg Cloister brewed the semi¬nal Export-style beer that was to become the trademark formula of the world-renown Bavarian-style beer. Out of that tradition comes the dark Export Dunkel, a Bavarian style, rich, deep-red beer with malty aromas of chocolate, coffee, molasses and caramel. This dark red manna has a surprising guilt-free lightness to it.

Reutberger, St. Josefi Bock 6.9%
Bad Tölz, Germany
The Reutberger Brewery nuns’ patron saint is St. Joseph and to commemorate his sainthood they brew this seasonal Bock in his honor. The beautiful light red color is a product of the precise blending of 50% light and 50% dark malts. It takes 3-5 months of lagering to produce this perfect beer. Slighty sweet with a touch of bitterness.

Hopf, Weisser Bock 7.0%
Miesbach, Germany
From the Brewery: Nestled in the foothills of the Alps is the 100 year-old brewery Weissbi¬erbrauerei, Hopf Owner Johann Hopf and his forefathers have been dili¬gently producing the world’s most awarded wheat beer using their own proprietary yeast and adhering to the German Purity Law of using only five ingredients: wheat malt, barely malt, Alps water, yeast and hops.
Our Hopf Weisser Bock is a traditionally strong wheat beer with a beautiful red and gold color. It’s our richest tasting beer with a slightly sweeter finish and complexity that the sophisticated beer drinker finds irresistible.

Join Us!

Taste Three Beers/ $6
No Reservations Required
Fresh Baked Pretzel Knots Provided by 3 Square Café + Bakery