The Cows End


The Cows End is a great place for the coffee set to grab some caffeine, the health shake set to grab a smoothie and also the sandwich set to grab a decent sandwich. The Cows End also has a very active social scene in which many regulars know each other and meet up there frequently. The coffee is good and strong (much better than the Starbucks on the corner), the smoothies are well made and you have many options (much better than Jamba Juice), and the sandwiches are the best deli style on Washington. Wireless internet access is free with food or drink purchase and there is an abundance of tables on the street and upstairs for patrons to work at.


One complaint (this may be a complaint about life in general) is that they don’t enforce a “no cel phones rule” upstairs. If you are unfortunate enough to end up with a rude person upstairs that seems to think talking on their cel phone while everyone else around them is trying to read or write and be creative .. it sucks. The guy in the video below cackled away for 35 or so minutes getting disapproving stares from everyone around him, but he didn’t care. He was bad enough that Keri and I finished our food and left because of him.

Seriously, what is with people that think talking on the phone for hours in a room full of people is a good idea? Is it an ego thing where they think owning a cel phone and the ability to talk on it shows prosperity? Do they think they are showing the world their virility through being able to talk into a small plastic device? People like this should get some old pagers that aren’t connected to any service and lay them out in front of themselves instead! Nothing says VIP more than a stack of pagers in front of you at a table! Let’s bring back the look of all the fools in the 80’s that thought their self worth was directly equivalent to the amount of pagers they owned. Dum de dum dumb!

34 Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90292
Phone: (310) 574-1080



  1. Yeah annoying. But should there be a rule? It’s a coffee shop not a library.
    Here’s some suggestions:
    1. Call him a twat to his face, and ask him to take it outside. It’s more effective than posting videos.
    2. Just make enough noise so that a cellphone conversation isn’t possible. Banging spoons on plates from the next table will work.
    3. Wear headphones and zone out like everyone else. Works on the bus too. Also easier than posting a video.

  2. Well it is the cow..A place were wannabes go. For me their sarnies taste just like a cow has SHYTE them out..The owner has NO IDEA..He used to own BITE the shyte Sushi place next door..He shags an Asian and thinks he knows about Sushi..Which he has now sold out to some Mexican chain !! Give this place a wide berth !!

  3. Sean,

    Any of those suggestions are much easier than posting a video … but then again .. the video was put there to illustrate the point, as this is a blog that tells you what is up around Venice. So … take it for what it is worth, just a video of some guy yabbering away and being rude … and shouldn’t people know when they are being twats and not have to be told so?

  4. Sean, was that you yapping on your cell phone yet again?

    Just kidding.

    Yes, I do agree. The coffee sure beats Starbucks and the free internet rocks. And if you’re lucky, you might meet one of the Venice locals who walks around with a bird on his shoulder. Now, that’s entertainment.

  5. Unfortunately I realized I could whoop out the cel phone cam about 35 minutes too late when he had lowered his voice a bunch after the whole room gave him stink eye. Had I thought of grabbing this for reporting earlier, you could have seen him and the girl next to him cackling away to whomever was on the phone. They were gross noise polluters.

  6. If the coffee at the Cow is good now, it’s something new. I’ll admit it’s been a while since I had their coffee, but if it’s good now, it’s something new. I love the cow, but it has never been known as a top coffee place.

  7. You do not go to the cows end for coffee… You go there for people watching, and meeting up with friends and family. The guy who was ragging on Clabe about selling out to a Mexican restaurant and calling people wannabes, find somewhere else to take your anger out. The Cow’s End is a great coffee shop.. Keep it up guys..