Yo! Broker! – The Myths About Celebrity Clients

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Yo! Broker,

I’ve heard that some real estate agencies have a manual for their agents on how to handle celebrity clients. Is that true?

Marcy W.  Marina Del Rey

Dear Marcy,

That sounds like bullshit to me. The truth that most L.A agents will sell a home to a celebrity or two or three (or more) during their career.  And most agents do develop certain cautionary likes and dislikes

Me, I like the regular guy who shows up at my open house, leaves and then I find out his last song has been streamed a gazillion times. That guy is probably in charge of his life.

But when you get the call from the manager or screamer attorney with “few” pre-conditions for showing– you know the coming transaction is likely to be a BPA (big pain in the ass)

We do like business managers. They rarely nickel and dime you, or try to get you to cut your commission. They just want a fair deal for their client.

We’re not too crazy about celebrity girlfriends – usually because they have a real estate license — which they pray they’ll never ever have to use again.

Just be real, we tell our agents. No manual needed.


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