Last Call at Danny’s Venice Beach



Venice Paparazzi broke the news over the weekend, Danny’s Venice is closing.

Danny Samakow and James Evan opened the bar and restaurant over 10 years ago, “we started Danny’s to connect the Venice community and visitors to the rich history that is the heritage of Venice,” they told Venice Paparazzi.

The local favorite now joins the list of Venice stalwarts, that includes Nikki’s, and Hal’s Bar & Grill, and Joe’s Restaurant on AbbotKinney.

“This election reminded us that change is the only constant and sometimes it is both unexpected and not what we’d like,” said Samakow and Evan. While they say change is inevitable, Samakow and Evan are not about to abandon Venice, “We are part of Venice.  We will continue working with this community as we all move forward together.”

A closing party will be held on Sunday, November 20th. For more details on this check Danny’s facebook page here.

Read more of what Samakow and Evan had to say to Venice Paparazzi and take a look at photos of Danny’s throughout the years here.



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