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The Basics to Good Health Venice Local Pens eBook


By Samuel Harwood

People the world over have come to Venice through the years in search of creativity and potential for healing. Marlene Veltre not only found both but accounts for it in her new ebook, “7 Basics for Simple Health.”

A resident of Venice for 12 years, Veltre was VP/Director at a Fortune 500 company in New York until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through conventional treatment before researching ways that the body can heal itself. She moved to Venice to pursue this method and found her health restored within a year.

“But my journey wasn’t over,” she said. “I continued to research. I vowed never to go through another health crisis. I wanted to answer this question: What must we do to be healthy? The answer was: Do the basics.”

While not an endorsement of scarcity (“I eat and drink most everything – including meat, desserts, espresso, and alcohol – but in moderation and of the best quality”) Veltre has found both personally, and through the health consultations she has given in the last five years, that the “basics” eliminate needless health issues through small lifestyle adjustments.

“The problem is, we’ve made the basics – eating right, exercise, and so on –  hard to do. That’s why we don’t do them,” Veltre said.

Veltre explains seven of these basics in her book, as well as the science behind them and ways for every individual to incorporate them.

“Interestingly,” she said, “science is showing that a body unburdened by unhealthy lifestyle habits will trigger specific activities that further perpetuate good health (and youth-fulness). The human body is fascinating and brilliantly designed!”

“7 Basics for Simple Health” by Marlene Veltre can be downloaded on iBooks.

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