Oscar’s Opens Taco & Torta Shack on Ocean Front Walk


Oscar Hermosillo, the brains behind Venice Beach Wines (2006) and Oscar’s Cerveteca (2011) on Rose, soft opened “Cerveteca Boardwalk” this week (Monday) on Ocean Front Walk (5 or so doors south of Windward).

Cerveteca Boardwalk

As of now there are 4 types of tacos and 4 types of tortas. Daily specials (today!) include a Wild Pacific Cod taco.

Hermosillo knows how to create great food. Too many “cooks” these days think that they are celebrity “chefs” because nemish bloggers run around trying to make them seem exciting so their stories can sell ads in their hyper-local blog “products”. Fortunately Hermosillo doesn’t play into the whole “celebrity chef” BS. Oscar is famous in our community for making great food and giving back to the community … his giving back to the community, great food and unpretentiousness is what elevates Hermosillo to the top of the chef list here in Venice, and why we love him.

Cerveteca Boardwalk

At $17 for two fish tacos and a bottle of water ($6 for a fresh whole coconut), pricing may have to be played around with at the new Boardwalk storefront, but I am sure Oscar will handle business.

Hermosillo is regarded as the visionary that “turned Rose around”. It may be Ocean Front Walk’s turn to shine.

Cerveteca Boardwalk
Ocean Front Walk (near Windward)
10am until sunset daily.