‘Save Venice’ to Boycott GQ Magazine Abbot Kinney Promo


GQ Magazine “is taking over the coolest block in America on November 16“. A group calling themselves “Save Venice” announced today that they will be there to boycott. The main protest will be from 12-1, in front of The Brig.

'Save Venice' to Boycott GQ Magazine Abbot Kinney Promo

From Save Venice:

Lets give GQ a warm welcome to Venice this Saturday. Does anyone remember paying $5 for a beer or even coffee on Abbot Kinney? Is anyone stoked about paying $14 for a sandwich?

Are you tired of your rent increasing and afraid you will never be able to afford a home in the place you call home? Are you worried about being forced to move inland to make ends meet?

Do we really need GQ bringing yet more unwelcome pressure to our corner of the Pacific by pumping the ridiculously gentrified and overpriced Abbot Kinney (formerly West Washington Blvd) yet more as the “coolest block in America”?

Come represent this Saturday during GQ’s “Style Bible” sponsored Shopping Glutstravaganza. Don’t let the Endless Summer become the Endless Bummer.

Make a big sign, rock it and represent the dispirited of Venice by telling GQ and anyone else who wants to capitalize on our beach community they can Google themselves the heck out of here.

Suggested themes are “Welcome to Venice, Now Go Home.” or “Google Yourself Out of Here.” Or anything else that you think might make the point. Loud colors score extra points.

Gentrification go home.

GQ is staging a media event. Let’s hijack it. Bring a sign and make yourself seen. Invite your friends.

Love and peace.



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