RIP Larry ‘Big Daddy & Sons’ Parker


We are sad to report that Larry Parker, the owner of “Big Daddy & Sons” restaurant on Ocean Front Walk, passed on last Friday at the age of 62. The cause has not yet been named. Parker was well known and well liked in Venice for always looking after his neighbors and fellow man. He is survived by his wife Debbie, sons Casey and Jamie and extended family.

Larry and Debbie Parker

Larry and Debbie Parker

Before opening “Big Daddy & Sons”, Parker owned and ran the successful and well known 24-hour “Larry Parker’s Beverly Hills Diner” at 206 South Beverly from 1982-1997. If you grew up or lived in LA during those years, you ended up at Larry’s at some point, as did most of the hip-hop crowd of the day, which drove the Beverly Hills police nuts. (There was a liquor store next door too – it was a “must stop” on the way home!) It was a great scene!

Larry liked to say “Don’t Worry, Be Happy and EAT!”

You can have a pizza delivered to your home from “Big Daddy & Sons” by calling 310.508.2793. We will share any information we get about the memorial when we get it.

We will miss you, Larry. Thanks for your friendship and contributions here to Yo! Venice!

Big Daddy and Sons
1425 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, California, 90291
Phone: 310.508.2793