No Visual Aesthetic Present at 1512-1518 Pacific


Sometimes people do things that make you scratch your head and say “what were they thinking”. Oftentimes even harsher and more derogatory words of criticism are more fitting … one of my personal favorites being the tried and true “what a dumb-ass”.

Mao's - Café

The new paint job at 1512-1518 Pacific Avenue which houses Mao’s Kitchen, Gotta Have It and Cafe Collage is one such “head scratcher”. Unfortunately for Venice, the owner has painted the entire building “white” white and from the sounds of it plans on keeping it that way. “White” white works in interiors and a few modernist / minimalist exteriors, but on this building? To replace the cool mural at Cafe Collage and the unique storefronts of Mao’s and Gotta Have It?

Update: Thanks to Ravi for sending in this picture of the building in the 20’s!

When asked what was going on, employees of businesses in the building said they “hated” the new paint job and were hopeful “it will at least be painted off white soon like they say might happen”.