“Local”: 1205 Abbot Kinney Zoning Hearing March 4th


The space next to Other Room on Abbot Kinney, set to operate under the name “Local” by Other Room owner Craig Weiss is having a City of LA Zoning Administration hearing on March 4th at 9am at the West Los Angeles Municipal Building.

We went to a community meeting about “Local” where Craig Weiss “met the neighbors” and it was pretty heated as immediate neighbors are very sore that “Local” wants to stay open until 3am and have patrons parking locally on streets in front of residential homes. The zoning hearing should be pretty interesting.

Click here to make the notice big enough to read!

Local 1205 March 4th

West Los Angeles Municipal Building
Second Floor Hearing Room
1645 Corinth Ave
Los Angeles 90025



  1. […] Construction continues at Local 1205, that NY style deli from The Otheroom’s Craig Weiss. Yo! Venice! reports that at a local community meeting, Weiss engaged in a “pretty heated” discussion with Abbot Kinney residents about the venue staying open until 3AM and have guests park on the streets and such. A zoning meeting in March will determine the fate. [Yo! Venice!] […]

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