Stroh’s Gourmet


Need a sandwich? Stroh’s Gourmet has you covered! Rare sodas, wine, cheese? Covered. You can bring your pet when you sit at their tables outside too. Internet access is available, and Stroh’s usually has a friendly and social group of local regulars that are milling about having their lunch.

Accoding to Venice Paper,

If you’ve got a parking ticket on Abbot Kinney, Strohs will knock 50% off a bottle of wine. (May we recommend the Chateau Neuf de Pape… that’s the wine of the Pope, people.) Trust Jason to take the sting off those nasty parking ticket prices. See if you get that kind of love from a chain store.

Stroh's Gourmet Abbott Kinney Blvd Venice Beach

Stroh’s Gourmet
1239 Abbot Kinney
(310) 450-5119



  1. Stroh’s is the only place in all of Los Angeles (that I know of) that sells my favorite yogurt. Emmi. It’s delicious.

    I will say that they are always out of vegetarian sandwiches when I go in, but I always go in the afternoon. They have great cheeses and wine!

    And now that I know about the 50% off thing – I may park in the red on purpose if I end up saving more on wine than the cost of the ticket!

  2. I have been in 3 times and ordered a chese sandwich and each time it has been dry and stale, even when I asked for olive oil to be used. I have given up with this place. I prefer a fresh Ralphs sarnie.