Pop Ups: Grand Opening, Grand Closing


Hurra!, the contemporary Danish art and design “pop up” that opened at 1301 Abbot Kinney at the beginning of December, has escaped the grim reapers scythe (aka building permits) and will be allowed another month of existence on Abbot Kinney. It is now slated to close at the end of January.

Hurra! has an interesting selection of diverse objects which are worth checking out. I think this may be my favorite new Abbot Kinney store, despite the fact it is destined to close.

1301 Abbot Kinney, which was on the market for $4 million in October, was recently sold to Gjelina owner Fran Camaj. 1301 is adjacent to Camaj’s 1305 Abbot Kinney, which is presently being built into a new restaurant. Maybe Fran bought 1301 so that he will finally have a parking lot for all of his businesses!