AK Supper Club Opens then Closes


Alona Hamilton-Cooke has started rotating in chefs as part of her “pop-up” series at Capri (which is now owned by David Reiss of The Brig). Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing was in the space first, this month AK Supper Club with chefs Kevin Kathman (who spent three years under Thomas Keller at The French Laundry) and Dustin Taylor (Waverly Inn) opened for a few days but have now shuttered due to what is presumed to be “I won’t sign that piece of paper”-itis.


Anyway, AK Supper Club did their opening press last week (none of it with any local Venice websites or papers) on places like the paid placement Daily Candy, where Katham now notes in the comments section “Until we have an agreeable contract with the owner. We r done.” Amazeballs he is airing the dirty laundry directly underneath their paid for “story”!

From AK Supper Club:

We are sad to announce that we will be closed this weekend. We have been unable to get a contract for weeks from the Capri restaurant owner who’s space we work in. We hope to have this issue resolved soon, but for now we are taking a break. Follow us on face book and we will let you know whats up as soon as we can. We thank you for all of your support, we tried our best.

We hope to be back at the stoves soon!

Update: email from the Daily Candy: “The DailyCandy daily email is never a paid advertisement. Like all of our stories, our AK supper club coverage was strictly editorial. We would appreciate the correction on your website so as not to confuse our readers.” ….  I’ve sent an email back asking if someone from Daily Candy actually ate at AK Supper Club in the mere hours they were open before writing the “editorial”.

Update to the Update: Daily Candy says: “I can confirm that I did pay it a visit.” … so … there ya have it! Daily Candy didn’t take any money to put up their “editorial” on AK Supper Club and they went there before they wrote up their piece!

AK Supper Club
1616 Abbot Kinney
Venice 90291
1 (310) 392-8777