Residential Burglary on Grand: 1-30-12


From GC:

Our apartment in Venice was broken into today (1/30) in broad daylight. We live on Grand Blvd. between Riviera and North Venice.

Grand near Andalucia 90291

The burglars jumped a wall and broke into our bathroom window. They stole only electronics: 3 computers, 46 in. flat screen TV and a couple cameras. They had to lift the TV over the back wall (6ft) into the ally way to get it out.

Our neighbors door was knocked on around 2:30 pm and he reported seeing a male black wearing a beanie. I’m not sure if there is a correlation between the two.

Just wanted to let the community know and to make sure people in the area keep windows and doors locked. Its a shame things like this happen … especially in the middle of the afternoon.

Live nearby and see something suspicious today like dudes lifting TV’s over 6′ walls? Call LAPD Pacific Division at 310-482-6334. PS readers: go take cel phone picts RIGHT NOW of all the serial numbers of your TV’s and cameras and computers and bicycles etc etc … if your stuff gets nabbed you will need it! Leave the pictures on a thumb drive or something!