Hamakaze Nick: “Ask Sushi Man”


Welcome to the first installment of Hamakaze Nick’s “Ask Sushi Man” at Yo! Venice! Nick is the owner of Hamakaze Sushi & Izakaya on Washington and has been making sushi for 40 plus years in Los Angeles and Japan.

Nick plans on doing a series of instructional videos for readers that are interested in making their own sushi at home. Would you like to know how to make a specific roll or how to prepare something else? Ask in the comments section and your question may become the next video! If you want to see the master at work, just stop in and see Nick at Hamakaze!

In this first installment, Nick shows how to prepare halibut, red snapper and mackerel. The videos are dialogue free and to the point. Maybe Nick will start telling jokes when we get into the rolls!

Preparing halibut:

Preparing red snapper:

Preparing mackerel:

Extra tip of the day from Nick: “It seems to me it’s a trend in LA that good sushi must be accompanied with warm rice. This is false. Rice should be room temperature so that it doesn’t over power each fishes delicate flavor not mention it may warm temperature of chilled fish.”