Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Opens on AK Today


Following a successful soft opening, “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” Restaurant will have its public opening today at 5:30. The restaurant will be serving Tuesdays through Sundays until 10:30pm.


Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is Kris Tominaga (previously the executive chef at Joe’s) and Brian Dunsmoor (previously executive chef at Axe) partnering with the Capri Restaurant management.

The menu is a departure from fine dining for Dunsmoor and Tominaga, offering share plates of rustic country style food which utilize locally sourced ingredients. Beer and wine will be a compact list of California centric offerings.

Opening menu:

marinated green olives, 5.
pickles of the day, 6.
sprouting broccoli, 5.
anchovies and toast, 6.
seed bread, pimento cheese, apple butter, persimmon, 6.
kale salad, sheeps cheese, black apple, dates, walnut vinaigrette, 9.
pear, candied bacon, cress, endive, lentils, cider-mustard, 10.
smoked rainbow trout, avocado toast, herb salad, egg, 12.
headcheese fritter, bread and butter pickles, hot mustard dressing, 13.
raclette, butter ball potatoes, cornichon, soft bread, 14.
quail, cornbread, dandelion greens, smoked maple, 15.
cannelini bean and kale soup, fried bread, marys chicken, 8.
baked oysters, creamed spinach, bacon, shrimp (3/5), 9/15
local squid, shelling beans, garlic, pea tendrils, grilled bread, 14.
sweet breads, mushrooms, puff pastry, 16.
butterfish, cockles, watercress, fennel, salsa verde, 15.
hanger steak, anchovy and olive butter, charred escarole, 16.
lamb sirloin, toasted barley, lamb ragout, horseradish gremolata, 21.

colard greens, 5.
cardamom carrots, 5.
butterball potatoes, 4.
balsamic braised cippolini, 6.

apple pie, hooks cheddar, 6.
maple, pecan, chocolate tart , 6.
warm lemon curd, shortbread cookies, 6.

The restaurant is walk in seating. To make reservations for parties of 6 or more call 424-268-8344 or email them by clicking here.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
1616 Abbot Kinney
Venice Beach 90291



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