ABC: Venice’s Homeless Teens Intimidate, Inspire


From Miriam Hernandez at ABC News:

Venice Beach has a large homeless population. There is concern about a growing number of young people. They say they are in their 20s, but service groups say they are often teens trying to avoid detection.

To Venice Beach they come, from across the nation. Not tourists, these are kids who are homeless and fending for themselves.

“Sixteen-, 17-year-olds that their parents didn’t want to take care of them and kicked them out,” said “Cricket” from San Francisco. “I have a pit bull, and I’m kind of mean sometimes,” said Desta Atkins from Montana. “And I can fight if need be — hasn’t happened. I have a boyfriend, so I’m good.”

Sometimes they’re sweet, sometimes they’re in your face. Alison Hurst with Safe Place For Youth sees it all.

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Thanks to JG for the heads up on this story!