Santa Monica Flaunts Coastal Commission Favor


Things are going pretty well up in Santa Monica these days! They get revenue from an airport that directs most of it’s noise pollution over Venice every day of the week and now they are rolling out new signs that add further insult to the fact they enacted residential permit parking without a coastal development permit that the California Coastal Commission has required of Venice. Looks like a whole bunch of Santa Monica vehicles are about to be funneled into Venice, as OVO’s here are not Citywide.

Ozone and 7th

From C.C.:
This sign went up this morning on the corner of Ozone and 7th – right on the border of Venice and SM … pointed toward Venice of course.

It’s a long and tired story to say that Santa Monica is a bad neighbor but come on. The little orange flag at the top does add a nice flourish.

California Coastal Commission

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Gary Timm, District Manager
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