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Here is a restaurant review from guest poster “The Bunker”. “The Bunker” ads “I’m no plant, I don’t know the owner, my only bias might be my fondness for their wait staff girls. They’re just so darn cute.” If you aren’t a shill for a local business, submit your story by clicking here.

Is it the best breakfast in Venice? Can’t say. I’ve only lived in the area for 6 months. But I do know this: Week after week, Sauce on Hampton kills it with delicious, clean, and affordable breakfast options.

Sauce Venice

At first we came sheerly out of convenience – it’s just 3 walking blocks from our place off Rose ave. And truthfully, if we didn’t pass by as much as we have to anyway, I’m not sure I would know this place existed. But really, thats part of it’s draw. It has outdoor seating for 12 – 16 people at a time, it’s only detectable by a modest red awning, and it’s located next to… well, it’s not really next to anything. It WAS next to MAX MUSCLE, you know, the joint across from Rose cafe with the silly, dated graffiti painted logo on it’s side??? Well two weeks ago, I’m driving past and wouldn’t you have it, Sauce, the little nook of a restaurant that could is expanding. 4 extra outdoor seating tables… heck yeah!

Sauce On Hampton Venice Beach

And with that – I’m gonna open up about one of my favorite little spots. Sauce knows breakfast. They only serve about 15 items excluding sides – 6 different Omelets and 6 – 8 different breakfast choices – standard american/Cali fair. Egg’s + sirloin, a super breakfast sandwich (get it on ciabatta!), a blackbean/brownrice wrap…. I know… it sounds typical. But trust us, the chefs have been on point, perfectly replicating our favorites week to week. Best of all… the $$$ mark up you’ll see just parallel on Main st. – It’s gone here.

The average dish is about $9.00 with the Sirloin and Eggs topping out at $13. Sides range from $2 -$4 bucks, the coffee has flavor, and if you’re a cool patron, you’ll be rewarded with fresh, warm, soft baked chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies FREE with the check. Ummm. Yeah. Why am I telling you about this again?

– The Bunker

Sauce on Hampton Venice Beach
259 Hampton Drive
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 399-5400



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