Cabo Cantina comes to Venice


Cabo Cantina has come to Venice at their new location on Washington Blvd. near the Venice Pier.

This really sucks for Venice.


Why does this suck? Cabo Cantina is the type of place more fit for Manhattan Beach or Redondo. It is the kind of place that Sammy Hagar should own and make a chain across the midwest exclusively in mini-malls for people that don’t know any better. Every inch of the place is covered with booze advertisements and the worst airbrushed murals I have ever seen. (A huge insult to all the great artists that live in Venice.) There is absolutely no sense of design save the “drink ’till you puke” motif.

Cabo Cantina is the east coast college town version of what Mexican food places should be … the kind of place that they hose the floors down at the end of the night after some frat kids have puked all over the floor and spilled their cocaine in the bathroom while they talk about the “slutty bitches” at the bar.

Places like this are the kind of thing that can spoil a neighborhood.


Cabo Cantina
30 Washington Blvd.
Venice, CA 90292



  1. Yes! I have to agree. It’s very huntington beach/newport beach. Not a fan. Yet it’s packed. If that means we have an easier time getting into Baja Cantina down the street because the tourists don’t know any better – that might not be so bad. 😉

  2. Then don’t go there. Cabo will be where all the east coast frat boys working in finance and living in a new, shiny Marina Del Rey condo go. I’ll be at Hinano’s.

  3. It is annoying, yet draws a crowd. I agree with the above posts, let the people that like this kind of place go there, so they stay out of the rest of the bars.

  4. I was puking from the motif, drinks not required. As for the east coast college bar reference, very true, ie: The Donkey Show “cantinas” all over Long Island…

  5. As someone who lives two blocks away, I’m very disappointed about the fact Cabo Cantina is here, bringing the neighborhood down with it, but please note that Cabo Cantina is in Marina del Rey, not Venice. You recently wrote about the closure Cafe Marguerite and that too is (or was) in MdR, not Venice.

  6. Lsla, point well taken … except that Marguerite is on the North side of Washington on the Venice side. The other thing is that altho Cabo, The Cows End, Arbor and Mercedes Grill and all are on the South side of Washington, the fact that they share a street with our community is why we write about them.

  7. Right! Sorry, my point wasn’t that Cabo, Cow’s End, the Whaler, etc. shouldn’t be a part of this blog, on the contrary, I know Washington Ave. businesses would be dead without Venice residents and I walk to many Venice eateries and bars too! I was just saying that the address is MdR. I enjoy the blog…btw.

  8. I think Cabo and the rest on the south side all have MdR zip codes like me. I live in the silverstrand and my post office is Venice, not the MdR. In fact I can write Venice or MdR and it doesn’t matter.

    Sorry for the side note.
    I haven’t seen Cabo yet, but it does sound like a horror story. But we all have to understand that our area grows just like everywhere else. We survived the Starbucks, we can survive this.

  9. This place looks like it belongs in the Ozarks in Arkansas. Those murals SUCK ass. Is this supposed to conjur up fantasy’s of being in Cabo? The straw on the roof overhang above the plasma TVs looks plastic. I have never been to this horrifying establishment, but can I assume there are lots of women with bad blonde hair dye jobs in there? With like the dark roots coming in, kind of curly sort of. Just lots of dyed blonde hair in general will be found inside, correct. Dudes with bad blond spikey hair.

  10. Hey! I’m from Arkansas… and this type of place would certainly not be welcome there either. Daisy Mae is waaaaaaaay cuter than those hideous murals!!! 🙂

    BUT, the happy hour drink special is fabulous. 2 for 1. It’s an okay place to start the night- then abandon at 8pm.

    Go in a big group so you know you’ll have fun.

  11. hello,
    where else is there 2 for 1? all you can eat tacos?
    get over the inside, and enjoy a nice place to stop for a bite if you are avoiding driving home. Thanks for a place with a happy hour special!

  12. Actually I was pleasantly suprized by Cabo Cantina. Fun atmoshere GREAT DRINKS! 2 for 1 EVERYDAY! Bartenders and waitresses are hot! Hospitality was great! Lets Give it a chance! Venice rules.

  13. Manager on Duty last night accused me of lying about my experience with 2 for 1 oversized coronas… my girl and I scolded him on the patio and he kinda just stood there kinda “duhhhhh… can I get you anything else?” We dismissed him… as I said last night so all could hear, “POOR FORM!!!” – Fortunately we ONLY had 2 large coronas between us and some food to enjoy conversation and the sunset… so we didn’t loose our senses. I wouldn’t be surprised if the MoD had a higher BAC level than we did. Until this is made good, Cabo is OFF the list of places to go for me… Sorry that happened to you Venice…

  14. I’ve been to the Cabo on Sunset and had a great time. I try to have a great time where ever i go. The Hllywd scene can get very cheesy so can HB/NPB. But you have to learn how to take the best out of every situation. I have friends all over OC and LA. But i have to say, I live a 1/2 block from Hinano my neighborhood is very special to me and I’d like to keep the cheesy out . -native

  15. Lsla-

    The southern end of Washington, the entire penninsula and the Silver Strand were part of the City of Venice prior to its annexation into the City of LA. That part of Venice used to be called the Venice Penninsula. The name was changed later on to the Marina Penninsula when homeowners realized it would boost their property values. However, it remains part of the City of Los Angeles and under the jurisdiction of the Venice Neighborhood Council, and not part of Marina del Rey, which is unincorporated county land. As such, all of those bars are part of Venice and should be covered by this blog.

    That said, Cabo Cantina sucks hard no matter what you call the surrounding neighborhood.

  16. Who cares what the murals look like! Bottom line is the booze is cheap! so come get your drink on with and bring your own crowd so it can be fun!

  17. Exactly Pebbles! The whining on this board is making me wanna puke. “Oooh the bar is so cheezy and I am so above it!!” Ga ga goo goo.. Go get your 2 for 1’s and shut the F-UP!!! Or go to your uptight BS bar and go be a snob!

  18. um, I’m not sure anyone would EVER classify Hinanos as uptight or its patrons as snobs, but you would know that if you ever bothered to leave the drinker’s equivalent of the Olive Garden.

  19. So sensitive Phil! I never said Hinanos…But thanks for the tip maybe I’ll check it out! Hmmm Olive Garden.

  20. I didnt know the Venice people who hang down there were so snobbish. All the spots are so classy compared to Cabo. Very Very funny. But not true