The Art of Healthy Skin

Long-time Venice-based artist and skincare expert Alexandra Wagner. Photos courtesy

by Melanie Camp

Venice-based Alexandra Wagner is an artist and skincare expert. For the past 15 years, she has built a loyal following as an esthetician. Her clients, some of which are quite famous, head to her spa at 1636 Abbot Kinney Blvd., to keep their skin glowing and healthy.

Wagner created the White Tiger Collection, a line of advanced skincare products based on her signature white turmeric and tiger grass plant stem cell complex.

On Thursdays, art takes over and Wagner bunkers down in her garage studio on Rialto Ave. Working a different kind of magic with her hands, she paints.

YV: Explain the connection between skincare and art? 

Art and skincare are about creating beauty.  Every person’s skin is completely different from the next. So it is fun to approach each client’s skin concerns as its own project, and determine what modalities are needed to achieve the best results. As an artist, I love to work with my hands, so it is awesome to be able to transform people’s complexions

YV: Is skincare a necessity or a luxury? 

I consider skincare necessary luxury.

YV: Why is it important to take care of your skin?

Because it makes you feel good, and as we age we all want to feel and look good. It is a major component of self-care.

YV: How does someone’s inner health affect their skin?

For someone who has incredible genes and good skin genetics, it might not affect their skin, but for most of us, our inner health can easily show on our faces. Stress, diet, hormones can all show on our skin, and this is why it is so important to balance our inner life as well as have a healthy skin care routine

YV: What is the best health tip you can share for glowing skin?

Exercise, exfoliate and hydrate. Exercise increases blood flow to give us a healthy glow. Exfoliation gives our skin a fresh look and feel. Hydration keeps it supple

YV: What is the biggest skincare myth?

That you can make your pores disappear or that a mask will take away blackheads.

YV: What has skincare taught you about life?

That taking care of ourselves pays off, it makes us feel better in our skin, and people will notice your efforts, which is always nice.

YV: Why did you decide to create your own skincare line?

I wanted to merge my skills as an artist and aesthetician and create my own skincare line because I believe taking care of our skin is a luxurious ritual that should be easy and pleasurable, with glowing results and safe ingredients.

YV: Share your favorite ‘healthy’ thing to do in Venice?

Surfing or hot yoga helps to melt the stress away.



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