Attention Actors! Let the Season Begin

It may be time for summer fun but be ready to work. Courtesy: Thinkstock.

by Guy Camilleri.

Are you prepared for this year’s television and film season beginning this month?

I know it’s summer and all the great things that go along with it and yet, with the 2017 television and film season kicking in, it’s important to be ready, willing and able to answer the call from your agent or manager. If you aren’t, you’ll be left behind because I guarantee you as I write this, a hungry actor has been up all night (if need be) preparing for the same audition or call back.

Here are some tips to ensure you are running with and hopefully, ahead of the pack.

1.    Reply to your agent/manager’s phone call (email or text) immediately or at the very least, within 15 minutes.

2.    Listen carefully to any and all instructions regarding the interview. Within this fifteen minute window be sure to print out the sides (script if required).

3.    Reread the email, seriously. Then, read the sides and simultaneously, jot down all ideas, concerns, and judgments, basically anything that comes to you.

4.    Research the writer, director, casting director, and producer. Knowledge is power, not only that, it will inform you as to what type of project (the genre) it is and the tone of the film or television show.

Television and film season kicking in. Courtesy Thinkstock.

5.    Read anything and everything about this project. Is the writer also the director; is he/she a first-time writer or director? If it’s a film, find out what type of contract it is and the budget range? Is it an ultra-low budget, low-budget, modified low budget or a standard SAG film? Is it an indie or a studio film or a joint production?

6.    Is the audition for a show on network television or is it showing on cable, Netflix, Amazon or Hulu? Again, knowledge is power and knowing this is information upfront may assist you with how to prepare the material along with the tone of the show and the size of the canvas, so to speak.

7.    Learn the lines thoroughly. Be off-book as soon as possible. Again, learn your lines, fully and be ready to play, for real as you may only get one crack at it.

8.   Avoid dressing literally like the character (it’s not a commercial audition), instead select wardrobe that suggests the role you are interviewing for.

9.    Always have a headshot/resume, or at the very least, have one in your car.

10.    Be prepared to answer any questions thrown your way. And, ask any questions that you feel are pertinent to the audition. Most importantly, take the adjustments given by the casting director. They are in direct contact with the writer/director and know what it is they are looking for. The casting director is your friend!

Have an authentic experience interpreting the sides. Courtesy Thinkstock.

11.    I beseech you; please allow them to see you, in all your glory having an authentic experience interpreting the sides in hand. To not do so, would almost be sin-like considering the casting director chose you out of hundreds (heck, maybe thousands). And, last but not least, leave room to surprise yourself!

May this be a joyful and prosperous season creating and booking work.

Guy Camilleri is a Venice-based actor, acting coach, and poet. He teaches regular classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Electric Lodge, in Venice. His private coaching specializes in audition preparation, career consults, and self-taping. To audit a class or book a coaching session, email [email protected] Follow Guy on Instagram @guycamilleri and on Facebook.