#SK8VB Pic of the Week

Venice local, Victor Spencer, wins Skate Park Pic of the Week. Yo! Venice had a chat with the man behind the lens.
What is your connection to Venice?
August 1 I will be celebrating 25 years in Venice.
What is your connection to the Skate Park?
These athletes are amazing to photograph, there is a great artistry to the chaos.
Can it be dangerous getting shots at the skate park, boards flying and all that?
Walking across Speedway or Pacific is more dangerous…as long as you remain aware of what’s happening around you and respect you are in skaters domain you are fine.
You are an artist. Primarily photography? Or, do you do other art?
I paint, figure drawing, collage, But for the past few years its photography…documenting our RAPIDLY changing Ocean Front Walk.
How does Venice inspire you? The sunsets, and the ” sunset people”  a group of us that go down to the ocean when a beauty is rolling thru…as much as Venice has changed in the past 25 years our sunsets are magnificent!

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