Abbot Kinney Gets Two Bike Corrals Installed!


From and our friends over at Streetsblog:

Fabled Abbot Kinney Boulevard, on Los Angeles’ Westside, is the first street in the city to have two bike corrals installed. Councilmember Mike Bonin alerted Streetsblog to their installation this morning and I was able to bike over and catch one of the installations as it was being finished and another corral in action.

Bike Corral Abbot Kinney

The new bike corral in front of Gjelina Take Away, pictures by

These are the third and fourth corrals in the entire city. Bike corrals are dedicated bicycle parking areas created with the removal of one or two parking spaces. As shown above, a city can create safe and attractive parking for twelve bicycles in the space that used to park one car.

Bike corrals: good for bikes, good for business.

If you’re interested in seeing some bike corrals added to your neighborhood, the People St program at LADOT is accepting applications through April 30, with a second project submission period coming up in October. While People St will be working with community-based organizations for future corrals, parklets and plazas, these two corrals were already in the project pipeline.


24 Bicycle spaces in exchange for 2 car spaces.

Two blocks up the street, LADOT staff was putting the finishing touches on another corral at 1205 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in front of Local 1205, another local restaurant. Amusingly, you can still see the car parking restriction signs that remind us of the inefficient use of space that preceded the corral’s installation.

Click here to read the entire article at StreetsBlog, there is a lot more information! Bookmark them while you are at it, it is a great website!