Witness a Hit and Run at Brooks and Lincoln Today?


From JS via email:

Hi Yo Venice,

Would appreciate you posting information about a hit and run today, Friday, 4/6, at approximately 4pm. A white Dodge Charger hit a cyclist on Brooks Avenue, just west of Lincoln.

Hit and Run Venice Beach

The car sped off, taking a right onto 7th Avenue towards Rose. There were witnesses but unfortunately, no one got the plate numbers as we were all helping the injured cyclist. The Charger is missing the passenger rear view mirror.

The victim was injured, but conscious. The paramedics arrived within 5 minutes and the police have the information about the car.

Because of the wide street and traffic light at Lincoln, this block on Brooks Avenue has a huge problem with cars traveling way too fast down a residential street.

Let’s try to take care of our fellow neighbors and community by finding this person and making them accountable for the injury of this innocent cyclist.

Thanks for any assistance your website can offer!





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