Dog Laws at Venice Beach


Dogs Venice Beach

The dog laws for Ocean Front Walk are:

1. “No Dogs on Ocean Front Walk Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 11am to 8pm from Memorial Day to October 31st”.

2. “When Permitted, Dogs must be on Leash”.

To read all of the specifics of Sec. 63.44.: Regulations Affecting Park and Recreation Areas, click here and down the pdf.

Venice Beach is a park. Dogs are allowed in designated areas only. Ocean Front Walk does allow them, as worded on the signs on Ocean Front Walk. The grass areas and sand between Ocean Front Walk and the Pacific ocean have not been designated as dog parks, so you can get a ticket for having your dogs there.

If you would like to run your dog off leash, use the Venice – Westminster Dog Park at 1234 Pacific Ave. It is properly fenced in and open from 6 am – 10 pm.

Until lawmakers change the municipal codes and signage on Ocean Front Walk (and I have been told there are no discussions to do so), these are the regulations.



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