Shooting in Venice Beach: 1-4-12


At approximately 6:18pm this evening, two Hispanic males were shot on the grass parkway near Windward and Ocean Front Walk (NOT at the Skatepark). A witness said 4-5 shots were fired.

Shooting in Venice Beach 1-4-12

One of the victims, described as an “early 20’s shaved headed and heavily tattooed male wearing a tank top and jean shorts”, stumbled onto the vendors area on Ocean Front Walk before collapsing and getting assistance from the crowd that gathered. 911 told a witness to put cold compresses on the victim’s wound, which was on the left side of his abdomen.

Shooting in Venice Beach 1-4-12

The other victim, who was wearing a yellow jacket, ran to Windward where another group helped him before the ambulance arrived.

A store owner on Ocean Front Walk said that the police arrived on scene 3 1/2 minutes after they called 911 and the paramedics arrived 7 minutes after the call was originally placed.

Shooting in Venice Beach 1-4-12

Witnesses said the shooter ran north. LAPD is on scene and investigating. Residents are advised to lock their doors and report any suspicious activity.

Update 7:30 pm: witnesses have described the shooter as a 40’s- 50’s tall heavy set African American male. The victim in the yellow jacket had just walked out of his Mother’s Ocean Front Walk store to smoke a cigarette when he was struck by a stray bullet. His mother did not realize her son had been hit as she was helping the other shooting victim.

Update 10:23 pm: An LAPD officer said they believed that four suspects ran from the scene. The investigation is ongoing and it does not appear that the suspects have been caught  as of 10:23pm.