Drunken Udder Ice Cream!


Do you own or manage a restaurant in Venice? Check out Chef Nicci Piscitelli’s Drunken Udder Ice Cream! We have never tried it, but we want to! That is why we are posting this story! Drunken Udder is artisanal alcohol infused ice cream which is all natural and made from only the finest ingredients!

Sounds like a tasty adult treat! Let us know if your restaurant tries it out and we will spread the word! (As of now it can only be found locally at The W Hotel in Westwood!) We don’t know anyone at Drunken Udder nor is this an ad, we just know Venice needs an Ice Cream buzz!

Here are a few of the flavors that are currently available: Bourbon Salted Caramel, Caramelized White Chocolate Godiva, Rum Roasted Banana, Vodka Vanilla Bean,Milk Chocolate Stout, Chocolate Cabarnet Crunch, Tequila Lime Sorbet, Cinnamon Spiced Rum, Keoke Coffee, Pina Colada, Saffaron Candied Ginger Soco, Love Affair, Bailey’s Jameson Caramel Swirl, Burnt Honey Orange Scented with Candied Pistachio and Honey Whiskey, Dirty Elvis, Raspberry Lemon Drop Sorbet and Italian Baci.