New Girl Films in Venice, Crew Member Gets Bit


Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s LA Times article “On Location: Venice Beach rides Hollywood wave“, ‘New Girl‘ (the Fox Television show that stars Zooey Deschanel) was shooting on Ocean Front Walk at Paloma Ave. today.

'New Girl' Zooey Deschanel on Location Venice Beach

During filming, a transient woman “began running around screaming and yelling at everyone, threatening people with a stick” according to a crew member. When a member of the ‘New Girl’ security team went to speak with the woman, she “tried to hit him with the stick and then bit him”. After the attack, a crew member called the Los Angeles Police Department. When the LAPD helicopter arrived and began circling, the woman retreated to her “camp” on the beach and began throwing around her belongings and yelling at everyone.

LAPD Venice Beach 12-14-11

One helicopter, two cop cars and five or six LAPD officers later, the woman was taken into custody. A crew member said that the security member that got bit was “o.k.”.

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