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Venice Media District Launches College Internship Program

From The Venice Media District:

The Venice Media District has launched its College Internship Program with the addition of its newest team member: Mount St. Mary’s College (MSMC) senior Zully Garcia. Garcia began interning with Hype Communications, a sponsoring company of VMD, during Summer 2011 and worked on a comprehensive research project for VMD. She then decided to become VMD’s first College Intern for Fall 2011.

Venice Media District

Venice Media District’s first college intern Zully Garcia, a senior at Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles.

This autumn, Garcia continues her comprehensive research project for the Directory section of VMD’s recently re-designed web site. She is also assisting with special event production at the recent Abbot Kinney Festival in late September and the organization’s next Mixer at The Brig in Venice on November 9th, 6-9 pm. In addition to her research project and special event production for VMD, Garcia is also acquiring knowledge in marketing, public relations, advertising, and non-profit organizations.

“Zully is one of those rare college seniors who brings an already-developed skill set to her internships, and a desire to apply what she is learning in the classroom to the workplace,” says Colleen O’Mara Diamond, Co-Founder/Chair and Director of Communications for Venice Media District, also Co-Owner of Hype Communications ( “Zully is the perfect person to launch VMD’s College Internship Program, and we are happy to have her spend her senior year with us.”

“Being in a classroom learning about a subject and working hands-on on a project through an internship or a job are two completely different things,” adds Garcia. “Through my job/internship experiences, I have been able to implement all that I have learned. I feel great satisfaction that what I have worked so hard for in school is finally paying off. I am extremely grateful for all that Hype and VMD have taught me. I look forward to continue working with both organizations in the future, as I continue to improve in my intellectual and business skills throughout my career.”

The Venice Media District was founded in 2006, and launched its High School Internship Program in partnership with Venice Arts in 2007. The hugely successful High School Internship Program has placed highly-trained high school students enrolled in the internationally recognized and award-winning Venice Arts Program ( in a series of creative internships over the past four years.

About the Venice Media District:
Creative icons, artists and visionaries have been drawn to Venice, CA since its inception more than a century ago. Today, the eclectic community continues to thrive as LA’s artistic outpost by the sea, attracting a wide range of creative professionals and businesses in a variety of disciplines. In consideration of Venice’s dynamic creative history, the Los Angeles City Council bestowed the title of “Venice Media District” (VMD) on the community. The Venice Media District is a sitting committee of the Venice Chamber of Commerce.

For more information, please go to VMD’s newly re-launched web site.

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