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SHRED: The Story of Asher Bradshaw

You all remember Asher Bradshaw and the video of him skating the Venice Skatepark we helped go viral on the internet, yeah? He’s a loveable ‘lil guy and they are making a documentary about him, his life skating and growing up in South Central LA. You can help fund the film SHRED: The Story of Asher Bradshaw at their Kickstarter page!

Do yourself a favor and watch this trailer!

From the producers:

About this project

This is the story of 6 year old skateboarding prodigy and viral Youtube sensation Asher Bradshaw. He’s 39 pounds and less than 3 feet tall, but he is already the biggest thing the skate world has ever seen!

When 6 year old skateboarding prodigy Asher Bradshaw makes an appearance at the infamous skate park in beautiful sun soaked Venice Beach California, the world stops and watches in awe. If you’re lucky enough to make it through the sea of cheering fans, you will see Asher busting the most incredible tricks by anyone’s standards, and with the greatest of ease. You don’t need to know anything or even care about skateboarding, he is just simply captivating.

That’s what happened to us in the summer of 2010 when we first met Asher. we knew somehow he was going to change our lives, and that we had to make a film about him. Since then we have been following Asher and his family, as he embarks on his journey to pursue his dream of becoming the youngest sponsored pro skateboarder. Flourishing in the most famous and influential skateboarding scene in the world, Asher has become not only accepted as a Venice Local, but somewhat of a local celebrity in his own right, skating in the company of such greats as the Dogtown Z boys.

But it all seems a world away when we see he comes from one of the most dangerous and impoverish parts of California and arguably the country – South Central, LA. His father makes asphalt for the city, while his mother stays home and looks after their three other children and elderly grandmother. A gang infested neighborhood where his father tells painful stories of neighborhood shootings…Chilling to say the least. We witness the struggle first hand.

After a few months of shooting, and seeing how dire the situation was for Asher and his family, we decided to make promo video for Asher to help get the word out about his incredible talent. His Dad uploaded the video onto youtube, and it instantly went viral! Asher was an internet sensation in a matter of days, gaining to date over 1.6 million hits. http://www.wired.com/playbook/2010/11/video-skateboarding-phenom/

We followed the inevitable buzz that stemmed from the video and started to see things change for Asher. But was it enough to help him achieve his goal of becoming a sponsored pro? Where will this little boy’s story go? Will this be the next amazing rags to riches story?

The journey has been tough, with many obstacles along the way. But After over a year of filming, 140 hours of footage, 25 competitions, 2 New York photo shoots, and 5 television appearances, and many many smiles and tears along the way; we’ve had an all access pass into Asher’s life on the road to discovery.

Support Asher’s film now and become a part of his incredible story.

What do we need?
We need $100,000 to complete this amazing project. we have shot the movie, so now what we need to do is the post production. The money will be used for Editing, Post Production Sound, Music purchases, TV rights and Colour Correction, Promo for the movie once it is finished, and Entry fees for the movie to go onto the Festival Circuit.

Why Kickstarter?

Because this is exactly how movies should be made! You decide what you want to see and you fund what you want to see! No more Greedy Investors taking a huge slice of your blood sweat and tears, No more Big Studios leaving you with minimal creative input on your own film, Just good clean film making funded by You and made for You!

What if I don’t want the incentive? I just want to support.

Why, thank you! And yes, that is possible. There’s a button you select when you donate if you don’t want your reward

Can we exceed our goal?

Absolutely! Since this is all or nothing, we have set our goal on the low side, but just enough so we can still complete the project. As with everything film, the more money the better it looks and the better it sounds. As we said earlier, the movie has been shot, so it is really just the post production, promo, TV and Music rights, and festival fees that we desperately need. The better the money, the better the movie!

What happens if the money isn’t raised in time?

We get nothing at all and Asher’s story will be very much delayed in being told until we can find some other way to finance it. Please don’t let this happen!

How do I find out more about the project?

Visit our website at www.shredthemovie.com. There are great photos of Asher, videos, and much more! Come and check it out and share it with your friends!

If I donate, when do I get my incentive?

Incentives will only happen if our goal is met, so the first step is to help us spread the word! If we do meet our goal, we will start to manufacture and ship all physical merchandise directly to you immediately after we complete the movie.

Who are the producers?

Wilmer Valderrama best known as Fez on THAT 70’S SHOW, has produced, directed, written, hosted & acted in numerous projects; Wilmer was most recently seen in: LARRY CROWNE, THE DRY LAND, FROM PRADA TO NADA and heard as Manny on HANDY MANNY. He will soon be seen in THE GIRL IS IN TOUBLE & NBC’s AWAKE.


Jeff Renfroe’s internationally co-produced debut feature film ONE POINT O was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. His second film CIVIC DUTY premiered at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival and was released theatrically in 2007. Renfroe also edited the hit documentary ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL, winner of the LA Film Festival Audience Award and an Emmy in 2010.

KATHY HERNDL: See Director

Who are the Executive Producers?

JOHN KENT HARRISON – Esteemed Award Television Director who’s credits include: Pope John Paul II, Judging Amy and The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler.

GRETCHEN MILLER – Owner and CEO of HIVE-FX – A visual effects, animation, live action, and photography production company.

MATHIAS HERNDL – Highly esteemed Cinematographer for Film and Television who’s credits include: FLASHPOINT, THE CAPTURE OF THE GREEN RIVER KILLER, AND TAKEN FROM ME.

Who is the Director?


Kathy Herndl is an independent director who has successfully been working in the field of music videos and commercials for the last 6 years. She has also written three Feature film scripts, one of has been optioned by Front Street Productions in Vancouver. This will be her first Feature Film!

Meet Our Team of Generous and Talented People who donated their time and resources!

Music Supervisor – Ron Proulx @ Arpix Media
Music Supervisor – Kyle Merkley @ Arpix Media

Additional Music Score – Greyston Holt

Bands who Donated their songs to the Project:

“All The Way”
Written and Performed by Olson
Courtesy of LoveCat Music

“Snake Charmer”
Written and Performed by The Genders
Courtesy of LoveCat Music

“Somewhere It’s Beautiful”
Written by Chad Thomas and Performed by Strada
Courtesy of Ledbetter Entertainment, LLC

“New Shoes”
Written and Performed by The Briefs
Courtesy of Ledbetter Entertainment, LLC

Written and Performed by Phillip Bennett
Photographer –
Ray Rae Goldman @

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