CBS San Diego Looks at Venice Beach


Ever wonder what a reporter from San Diego would think about Venice Beach? Wonder no longer, as CBS 8 came to visit and Larry Himmel filed this report.

It’s “a neighborhood that’s been in a constant state of déjà vu for decades. Just picture Ocean Beach on steroids, or maybe Mission Beach on mushrooms and you’ve got VB — Venice Beach.

Venice Beach is a multi-colored tapestry of tacky and trendy begging to be explored by the hordes who flock there daily. It’s a three-ring circus of vendors and street performers, all vying for attention and tips from the assembled multitude. Venice Beach is a pulpit for the street corner sage.

Within the cacophony of its daily ritual, Venice Beach does have a distinctive vibe and a familiar refrain that we have all been here before, and we’ll probably come again.”