Clarification : Venice Beachhead


On June 1st, The Venice Beachhead ran an article which contained the following:

Venice Beachhead

Alex Thompson, AKA Alexandria Thompson (alias Amie Thompson, Amie M Thompson, Alexandreia Thompson, Alexanderia Thompson), is a convicted felon that the LAPD allegedly has issued a police radio. Thompson is well known for stirring up community hate for homeless people or the locals who help the homeless people. She has a history of posting anti-homeless fairy stories or foul verbiage on YoVenice, which included going after our Venice Justice Committee that helps poor people being unjustly treated and cited with infractions or misdemeanors (NOT FELONY CONVICTIONS). She goes out on the street to be the cheering section when homeless disabled people loose their RV, doggies, or get arrested. She filed false criminal charges and went after Ivonne Guzman inappropriately.

Alex also created a snitch web site mimicking the City’s 3-1-1 info number. Her Venice3-1-1 site is yet another outlet for her to fill with misinformation meant to encourage hate. She is a busy little ex-con.

Rick Feibush, AKA Watchdawg, has also told fairy stories on YoVenice to stir things up, like one of the Justice Committee members being a scary Convict Parolee. Everything he said about him on YoVenice was an absolute lie.

To make sure that it is clear: Alex Thompson and Rick Feibush have posted in the free and open community forums that are available on Neither has ever been an employee of YoVenice. Their posts on any subjects have been of their own making and reflect their own opinions, not necessarily the opinions of the website YoVenice. The same holds true for each and every individual poster that contributes here.

YoVenice has always provided a forum that supports free speech and opinions from “all sides” on issues that exist within our community.