Danny’s Deli: 2am Liquor License


Want to help Danny’s Deli so that their liquor license will allow them to serve until 2am again? Here is a letter from Danny with information on how to do so .. it is as simple as emailing in your thoughts, but you will need to do so before 4pm so they can take your letters to the VNC meeting tonight!

Danny's Deli, Venice Beach

Dear friends and neighbors,

We at Danny’s are about to ask the city of Los Angeles to return the liquor license at the Danny’s location to its original 2:00 am time slot. The hours were changed by the city in response to a nuisance operation called Tantra that held late hour raves at this location many years ago where they sold Jello shots to minors (saying it was food).

Since Tantra was closed, restaurants and operators have come and gone in this location, but until Danny’s, we believe none had served the real needs and spirit of our community. Danny’s was a dream of ours to create a family friendly establishment to connect visitors and locals to the history and spirit of Venice while serving excellent food at reasonable prices (something surprisingly scarce in this part of Venice ). Danny’s has been an overwhelming success and after three years of operation we feel confident that we can operate the location in a responsible manner with the later hours returned to the location. We have a long term lease and believe Danny’s is a Venice institution.

We also believe that these later hours will add a late nite dining resource to Venice that is much needed and create activity and light down here, hopefully reducing crime that occurs when areas are dark and quiet. At this time Danny’s can not do most private room catered events like holiday parties (which usually demands later hours) or meet the needs of customers who would like to stay later into the evening and listen to music or eat and drink. This has caused a hardship for Danny’s which is made especially difficult in tougher economic times. We are not asking for anything that all of our neighboring bars and restaurants have. The Townhouse, High and Larry’s all enjoy these later closing hours.

Danny’s is operated by me and James Evans. We are two long time Venice residents and restaurant owners who are extremely active in the community. I won’t go into all the organizations or projects that we support, I’ll only say that we care deeply about Venice , the community we’ve made home for many years and only want to improve it and nourish Abbott Kinney’s dream.

Please sign type in to the attached letter your name and address and email it back to [email protected] . Please also forward it to any other locals who would like to support Danny’s in the same way. I’d also like to invite you to attend the Venice Neighborhood Council Meeting to show your support at the Westminster School on Abbott Kinney. The Land Use meeting is on Wednesday, May 4 at 6:15 and the Full Board meets on Tuesday May 17 at 7:00. Please show up if you can, bring friends and support us in this important area for Danny’s. Call me if you have questions at 310-989-6200.

Thank you. James and I appreciate your support.


Danny Samakow


Danny’s Deli

23 Windward Avenue CA


(310) 566-5610


(Thanks to Dry Tour for looking out!)