Cinco de Mayo in Venice Beach 2010


Is there any better way of commemorating the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862 than getting your drink on? Here are your options for Venice Beach Cinco de Mayo 2010.

Remember: Don’t drive drunk. Don’t bicycle drunk. Don’t scream and yell like a lil kid when you are drunk. Don’t fight when you are drunk. Don’t ride your bicycle through the canals drunk at 2:30 am because you WILL fall off of it into the canal. Tip bartenders well. Wear condoms.

Boys and Girls Club of Venice: Traditional music, dancers, performers, food and games! Celebration begins at 4:30 p.m.
Boys and Girls Club Cinco de Mayo

AC Supper on Lincoln: AC Lounge on Lincoln. Block Productions will host a Cinco de Mayo “Oldies Night” featuring DJ Salam Wreck and DJ Fluffy as well as a live performance by Kid Frost.
Cinco de Mayo AC Lounge

Baja Cantina: The parking lot is fenced off and there is a lot of boozing expected. Expect a long line as the night goes on, and a police wagon parked outside for those that have had one too many.

Cabo Cantina: Food? What food? Gather the change off your dresser and get heated! Bring your own purell and clean wipes.
Cabo Cantina Cinco de Mayo

La Cabana: Mariachis on the roof as always.
La Cabana Venice Beach

The Yard: 715 Hampton, all day party.
The Yard Cinco de Mayo



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