Taste of Abbot Kinney


Last Sunday was the first annual “Taste of Abbot Kinney“, which most of the restaurants on AK participated in including Primitivo, Joe’s, Lilly’s, Capri, 3 square, Lemonade, Wabi Sabi, The Tasting Kitchen, Elvino, J’s, Marla’s, Pinkberry, Intelligentsia, Equator Cafe, The Other Room, Market Gourmet, Beechwood, the Brig and Jin Patisserie. The event was formed to help raise funds for Inside Out Community Arts.

A Taste Of Abbot Kinney 2009 0002.JPG

Some of the restaurants (Joes, Wabi Sabi) really rose to the spirit of the occasion but a few of the others (The Tasting Kitchen, 3 square) seemed to have phoned this year in. (3 sqaure: people can get a slice of pretzel with a toothpick in it from tasting isles at Ralphs. Seriously.)

All in all “Taste of Abbot Kinney” is a solid concept which will build community awareness for restaurants and shops while fundraising for the arts and we look forward to it next year.

A Taste Of Abbot Kinney 2009 0005.JPG