Roach Coach Trend Continues: Sushi Truck on the Scene


The fancy pants roach coach trend is all over the mainstream media now and more of these upscale trucks keep showing up on Abbot Kinney each week. We have the Kobi Beef truck, CoolHaus Icecream truck, Barbies Q truck, DOSA Indian truck, and now the super clean FISHLIPS Sushi truck. (Ok it has been around for a while but we are just adding it now.) Decked out with a flat screen TV and cleaner than most restaurants in town, FISHLIPS is pretty good stuff. Their menu can be found here. Tonight they will be at the Brig from 7pm -1am. Having a party and want the truck to show up? Call 310.634.2999

Trends being what they are, expect the next hipster truck to be an old school construction site themed truck with breakfast burritos, day old churros and awful hotdogs.

sushi abbott kinney

sushi abbott kinney