A First Friday to Remember


Tonight was a special First Friday for Venice. Residents had a crazy half mile long block party, the police respected it because no one was acting stupid and as of 1:30 am everyone went home healthy and happy.

It is a great thing that an entire city can party like we did tonight and hopefully we can do this all summer long … sadly, some fools will probably hear we have a good thing going on here and come try and ruin it.


On the walk home I asked an officer if anyone was arrested tonight and the answer was no. He then said if he wasn’t in uniform he would be joining in our fun with us as Venice knows how to throw a good party .. dancing in the streets and all that.


If we get big crowds next month, lets try and help the crowds know being stupid isn’t what we are all about … a little friendly self policing … and lets say it calm with words and without fights … if we can do that, we stand together as a city and the police will respect the party from what I was told. (Off the record, Yo.)


Check the slideshow from tonight out here: