Coolhaus Truck Visits Venice Beach Wines


We headed over to see Johnny at Venice Beach Wines when he made mention the über hip Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck would be parked out front. For those not hip enough to know (like me, more or less), the whole “taco truck that twitters” is all the rage these days .. only the “roach coach” of days past are now specialty hipster mobile food joints like the Kogi Korean BBQ truck that all the hipsters find by twittering.

Coolhaus Truck

The Coolhaus Ice Cream truck registers very high on hipster meter overload: it has chromed shoes, a hippie-ish pick up camper top added onto the roof for headroom, inexplicable pictures that link this truck to hipster architects and artists on the side, and a hip and minimalist menu. All that gooey hipster stuff aside, the ice cream they are slinging is REALLY GOOD … and worth searching them out to see what all the hype is about at least once. Whatever happened to the days of having to just hear the weird music come out of the ice cream truck and running down the street to catch the usually weird driver for a dollar rocket pop? I suppose they passed laws against all that fun ….

More pictures of the truck and some cute girls drinking wine after the jump!

Coolhaus Truck

Coolhaus Truck





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