Hinano Secrets Revealed!


OK, so its not that big of a secret when all the boxes of ingredients are sitting in front of you, but at least it was a catchy headline and I spent the effort to iPhone it and post it, right? Anyway …

Want that special Hinano taste this summer at your BBQ?

First you need to get your hands on some Fulton Provision Company of Portland burger patties. This is a division of SYSCO, the mega restaurant supplier. It looks like you can order the goods here. Hinano buns can be ordered from Giulianos. I don’t know what the special seasoning salt is yet, but will find out and post that up later.

Update: A Tipster found out for us! Celery Salt!!!!!!

That said, it is probably easier to walk in and buy a box of the ingredients from the nice people at Hinano themselves for your BBQ. Then again, maybe a Hinano burger doesn’t taste as good if it is not eaten at Hinano. If anyone hooks this up, they best be inviting me to the BBQ.