St. Patrick’s Day in Venice, Yo!


St. Patrick’s Day is here again! You know, the day you find people you don’t know sleeping on your lawn when you get home or in your bushes the morning after. The day the LAPD brings big drunk tank vans out they park on Washington waiting to fill up with people that had too much angry sauce.

There aren’t any real Irish bars in Venice that we are aware of, although all the bars throw out the green to get some green for this drinking holiday. For that real Irish bar feel, head over to O’Briens or Finn McCool’s on Main Street in Santa Monica. As of 6 pm Cabo Cantina seems to have the most chicks in bikinis and topless guys getting sloshed in it … more breaking news later!

If you don’t want to venture out this eve, have fun listening to the live LAPD Police Scanner Feed! (Which is on our “links” list.) Listen to see if your neighbors are headed to the pokey!

St Patricks Day Venice Beach