The New Economy and Dining Out in Venice


I read an interesting study the other day that said 9 out of 10 American workers polled said that they were cutting down on costs this year due to our economy .. and the #1 way they planned on doing so was to cut down on dining out. We like dining out and supporting our community, but have to say it seems an odd thing that many of the businesses here in Venice are raising their costs. In the winter. During a recession. A lot. We are not happy with this. As an example, the burger and salad that used to be fourteen or so bucks at Mercedes Grill is now creeping towards twenty. (The lunch menu is pictured, not the dinner menu that is much higher in price.)

Mercedes Grill Menu

Is everyone else feeling the dining out pinch around here? It seems crazy to me to be raising prices during the winter when you are charging your neighbors rather than tourists – and really nuts to raise prices when the economy has people thinking In-N-Out may be just as good as your twenty dollar burger .. or better.

Feel free to post up your favorite “good deals” around Venice for dining out – we all need the advice!