Yo! Weed Smokers!


A new video movie called “Super High Me” is doing a grass roots promotion in which they will send anyone in the United States a DVD to screen if they have non profit public showings of it on April 20th (yes, 420).

From the Super High Me website:

You know that movie Super Size Me, where that guy Morgan Spurlock ate McDonald’s every meal for 30 days? People actually paid money to see that. Well, if that’s a movie, I’ve got a movie! I’m going to smoke pot every day for 30 days, and it’s going to be called Super High Me, or Business As Usual… I haven’t decided on a title yet. But guess what? McDonald’s is going to be in my movie too!

While I don’t personally smoke “hippie lettuce”, I have never seen pot smokers punching out teeth outside of bars, beating on spouses because of their “high” or any amount of general belligerence that is associated with alcohol or cocaine consumption. When I had a family member that was dying of cancer, marijuana was an impressive tool in pain management. I 100% support the legalization of marijuana for all of the reasons above. It may not be for me, but it is without doubt a substance that should be legal. 

The website has a pretty interesting visual map of all the screenings taking place, which you can see here. I’m pretty surprised most of Los Angeles is unaware of this seemingly fun and free event.

Venice doesn’t even have a screening yet, yo! (I will ask Hinano and Farmacy if they will screen it tomorrow.)

Now that you know about it, you too can have a screening of this film if you would like by clicking on this link!

The “closest to Venice” Venice Screening of “Super High Me” will be held at:
13456 Washington Blvd
Marina Del Rey
CA, 90292