Lido Grill Venice Beach


It is not open yet, but a new mediterranean-tapas-deli restaurant is coming to Venice. The sign is a bit Ralph Steadman-ish, so it will be interesting to see what these folks plan on serving up and how gonzo the tapas/ deli idea turns out to be. Not much to relate besides it is coming to town. It appears to have nice big french windows that open so the window seats may be nice.

Venice needs a really good Deli like Santa Monica’s Bay Cities or Hollywood’s Greenblats. Jerry’s Deli is a total rip off and not that great but they do have everything you could imagine (I’ll get around to blogging that soon), Abbot’s is pretty good but can be hit and miss, Danny’s is ho-hum in my opinion, and Stroh’s Gourmet just doesn’t have a huge variety. Seriously, is it all that hard to make a great sandwich?

The Lido Grill Venice Beach California

The Lido Grill Venice Beach California

Lido Grill
417 Washington Blvd
Venice Beach 90291



  1. i tried lido grill for breakfast. the food was excellent, the presentation was very nice. the prices are reasonable. the waitress was very pleasant. let’s give them a chance, they just opened and i’m sure they have to get it together, but it looks like a plus for the neighborhood restaurants.

  2. Y’a et t’eh Kimosabe – this is a place for the Basque in you. Salads served with plenty of anchovies and they don’t even think you wouldn’t want them. Yum. Had lunch with some spicy meatball sandwich. Coffee menu to die for. No booze yet but $5 corking is not so bad. After 3pm best for Tapas, but not crowded yet for lunch. Mama mia Pasta Kitchen place next door is also a treat. Music a bit loud, but what the-hey.

  3. I ate there once and I’ve been back at least twice a week, sometimes going out of my way. The flavors explode in my mouth and the textures and presentation are creative. I enjoy bringing my own specialty wines and don’t mind the corkage fee at all. The service is pleasant and the atmosphere relaxed yet not tacky. On a warm day it is very pleasant when the big french windows are wide open. I love their tea and coffees as well.