Delizia Cafe and Catering


Ocean Front Walk has a new place called Delizia Cafe and Catering that just opened it’s doors. We haven’t been there yet, as we were at On the Waterfront a ‘couple of doors down. Anyone have any experience with Delizia yet? We will try and go this weekend and give a report! A quick google search did not pull up a website for them … so more to follow! Welcome to Venice Beach Delizia!

Update! They have a new website! I will try and eat there this weekend!




  1. just went on sat. food was good, desert was better(chocolate caramel pyramid thing was uber tasty, capaccino was good too,no B&W license yet, but its on the way. there needs to more places like this. More south beach. Less Atlantic City.

  2. i went there sat.. best damn tart ive ever had! it was so sweet and delicious the cappucinos are the best too, i dont know who makes all of those treats but he or she should definatly keep it up! i cant wait to go back and eat some more! thank you

  3. I grabbed lunch from there today. It’s a nice place. Way too nice for Venice. 🙂 The space is big. The table service looked to be quite popular. The selection of food was great.

    At first, I thought it was a bit pricey, but the Prosciutto Panini was fantastic. Rivals the Prosciutto from Gambali in NYC. Next time I go, I hope to actually sit down for lunch.

    Oh, and if anyone from Delizia is reading this… think about fixing your web site. The animation is pointless. Just slows me down. And publishing your menu as a .pdf? Also takes too much time. Less is more!

  4. My boyfriend and I ate there for dinner the other night…the food is really amazing. We ordered a few items from the deli case…pasta al forno and pasta checca…so good.

    The service was really great too, they actually had some personality unlike most of the restaurants on the boardwalk. She mentioned that they will be getting their liquor license soon accompanied by a ‘tapas’ style happy hour! Can’t wait. 😉

  5. I was so wrong about this place. I live almost right next to this restaurant and avoided going because I felt the menu seemed a bit pricey…$4 for a small slice of pizza? $14 for a tuna sandwich? Plus, the awning practically glowed in the dark and the gallery next door always had obnoxious parties with guests who screamed and gabbed into the wee hours of the morning, loud music blaring harassing the senior citizens and working class who needed to be asleep before dawn. Then my friend told me to go pick up something for the two of us. I begrudgingly walked into the cafe.

    What a lovely surprise Delizia was!

    The adorable girl at the counter was not very versed in the menu but so sweet and genuine in finding the answer to any question you had. The chef was charming, with beautiful eyes and an amazing tan. Most of all, she was kind. The manager wasn’t there so the chef did her best to help the girl at the counter. I ordered the Ahi Tuna Salad and the Tagliere di Fromaggi which came with a variety of cheeses and served with honey, pears, candied walnuts and fig confit. The chef didn’t feel the salmon cakes I had ordered were to her standards and refused to sell them to me in good conscious. So, she baked a fresh piece of focaccia bread for me on the house! It was absolutely delicious! I was pleased with the service I got just taking my food to go.

    20 min later, my friend and I were in sensory heaven. The tuna was seared perfectly, the salad was fresh, the dressing was light with several layers of flavor. The chef knew to separate the tuna and salad until I was ready to serve the dish which was brilliant. The cheese and pears were the best of the best. All the flavors together were amazing, as if we had been transported to a fine restaurant in Europe. The chef is definitely a treasure and will hopefully get the praise and acclaim she deserves. Now I am not saying I can afford to go back every day…but I am definitely going there a few times a month! A bonus to be so close to fast 4 star cooking you can take to go for parties and get togethers. I hope my experiences continue to be a positive one at Delizia.