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Column: Stop It? How About Telling the Truth Greg Good?

Nothing “good” about greg’s record when it comes to rampant homelessness and rising crime in Venice and the rest of CD-11!

By Nick Antonicello 

I guess if you say something over and over again, you start to believe what you’re saying to be “true.” 

Kind of like a slick salesman trying to sell you something you don’t want or need. 

For they believe that they can “sell” anyone, deal with any objection!

Politics and campaigning is kind of like sales. 

Your selling yourself and promoting confidence in the ability to persuade. 

For politics is in fact a persuasion game. 

When Greg Good got into this race I asked myself, what is he going to say? How he can solve homelessness after being at the side of outgoing Mayor Eric Garcetti and exiting Councilman Mike Bonin for the last decade? 

Now that’s a sales job!

He supported Eric Garcetti’s failed and flawed homeless agenda as a key mayoral aide earning over $200,000 annually only to be appointed by the Mayor to the LA Department of Public Works, where he served as a member and President, increasing his pay to over $250,000. 

No question, he’s the ultimate insider in this race. 

He’s the downtown gym rat, no doubt about it!

So when I saw his latest version of the truth, this science fiction foible on the state of homelessness here in Los Angeles was almost laughable, if it wasn’t such a political misdirection of what is exactly happening on the streets of Los Angeles. 

For Greg Good has been at the side of Eric Garcetti his entire time in office. 

Greg has been the Mayor’s “wingman,” so to speak. 

Good’s direct mail brazenly cites that 300 people in L.A. fall into homeless every day. 

That’s 300 a day on Garcetti’s watch. 

In effect, his watch!

His record. 

Greg says he will “hit the ground running” on day one if people are dumb enough to believe this Nixonian style bullshit!

I know he’s from Texas, but this horse manure is so thick, who dreams up these fliers that for the most part have no foundation in reality (In Greg’s defense, this flier was paid for by an independent expenditure composed of various unions who are pouring tons of money into this effort)?

In 2013 when Garcetti ran for mayor there were 22,993 homeless in the City of Los Angeles and since he assumed office, the problem has only metastasized and gotten progressively worse with a progressive like Garcetti running things and Greg Good right by his side! 

In 2015 the homeless count in LA spiked to 25,686. 

In 2017 the numbers climbed to 34,189. 

In 2018 the numbers decreased to 31,285. 

In 2019 the numbers again trended upward 36,165 and in 2020 the homeless count were 41,290! 

Under Mayor Eric Garcetti, the homeless count in LA has at least doubled and new estimates could have homeless conditions over 50,000 as he exits for India hoping a “recess appointment” by President Joe Biden will save a nomination in peril!

How does someone with a record this miserable see himself as a solution to the problem and epidemic he helped create by endorsing such utter foolishness?

Was Greg Good not Garcetti’s mayoral aide and when did he ever offer anything to Venetians or anyone else for that matter other than being in “lock-step” with the Mayor and Bonin when it came to bridge housing on Main Street? 

Does he have political amnesia? 

Was he not at that fateful meeting at Westminster elementary when he endorsed the Garcetti/Bonin agenda on turning Venice into a virtual containment zone? 

What am I missing? 

Help me here? 

Did Greg not lead a brigade of Garcetti and Bonin supporters and canvass for these terrible policies that did not, and do not work right here in Venice? 

I saw him. 

We chatted briefly. 

He was an enthusiastic and loyal soldier who took his marching orders. 

Orders from Eric and Mikey. 

That’s just the truth. 

Stop it Greg. 

Stop embarrassing yourself and cut the bullshit!

You are as much responsible for the homeless debacle here in Venice because you enabled bad policies promoted by your boss, Mayor Eric Garcetti!

You were chief policy enabler of proposals that backfired and made things worse here in Venice.  

You can’t change the facts and these kinds of mailings are an insult to any clear-thinking individual who like me, saw Garcetti and Bonin single-handily try to destroy the Venice we love with proposals that are destroying the character and soul of this neighborhood. 

Yes, stop it already. 

Nick Antonicello is a longtime Venetian who is covering the CD-11 race for City Council and how it impacts the neighborhood of Venice. He can be reached via e-mail at nantoni@mindspring.com

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