Wiener Waffle at Venice Beach This Sunday and Next


Planning on heading to Venice Beach this Sunday or next? Be sure to check out Wiener Waffle, which will be serving both savory and sweet treats on the Boardwalk.

What is Wiener Waffle you say? Glad you asked.

Wiener Waffle (savory) is a yummy hotdog on a stick in waffle batter, made in an actual waffle iron. Hot, piping and fresh. Then you top it with your favorite sauces and condiments, including Wiener Waffle’s maple mustard.

The Wonder Waffle is the sweet version. Yep. A waffle on a stick. Cover it in chocolate and whipped cream and choose from the following toppings: caramel, raspberry or Nutella. Then add some sprinkles, icing sugar, nuts, cinnamon or fruity pebbles.

Wiener Waffle will be on the Boardwalk on July 2 and July 9 from 10:30 a.m. onwards, as part of “Venice Ball”, the Sunday basketball league at the recreation center behind the Muscle Beach gym.


Be sure to stop by and check them out.

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